Buying local is not just a hippie mantra or a social media fad; it’s a new standard in purchasing services and goods. There are plenty of reasons to buy your furniture locally; and below, we’ve listed our top eight:


  1. A lot of wasteful steps are eliminated; it is always wasteful, expensive and nerve-racking to ship finished pieces long distances. Getting your furniture from a local store saves fuel, crating materials and miles of bubble wrap.
  2. It also leaves you feeling calm as you know you can easily return items to the store if any unforeseen problems occur.
  3. You are keeping money local – by keeping that money local, you’re growing the local economy. If not, that money is most likely leaving the state or even the country.
  4. You know what items are used in manufacturing these pieces – When shopping local, you get to learn about these items in depth. You can be sure that the glazes and paints are lead-free, you can find out where the materials to build these pieces are sourced from. You know that only non-toxic dyes are used. If an item indicates that it’s green certified, you can check on the sourcing of said product directly with the manufacturer or knowledgeable retailer.
  5. New York has access to the best suppliers and materials. New York is a huge design market and supports very high-end suppliers and importers. Whether it is veneer, parchment, huge slabs of exotic woods or marble the very best are available here.
  6. New York has a long design history and is on the cutting edge of design. Consequently, no matter what you’re looking for, be it a modern or traditional piece, it can be found here. What’s more, new materials and technologies can be integrated within the traditions of design.
  7. Almost anything you can dream up can be made – New York boasts of the best craftspeople in the world and they work for very demanding clients. The skill-set that most craftspeople and designers bring to New York is unbelievable and when added to the networks that most retailers and craftsmen built between themselves, almost anything conceivable can be built.
  8. You’re building a relationship with a local retailer. Once you build a wonderful relationship – not only can you go to this craftsman or retailer again and again for additional matching pieces, but this element of trust and this wonderful relationship add feelings of trust and memories of a great experience to furniture pieces you already love.


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